Two Nuns

Two nuns driving back to convent after a Halloween Midnight Mass. Pulled up at a T-junction in the middle of nowhere, totally lost. They heard a rustle in the trees, follwed by a bump and looked up to see a shadowy figure crawling up the bonnet.
Realising they had chanced on an encounter with a Vampire, Petrified, the nuns started praying, but this only made the Vampire angry. Then one said to the other "have you any of that Holy Water left"
She reached into her bag, unscrewed the top, rolled the window down and shook what was left at the Vampire. He erupted with rage, snarling even louder and with his with bloodshot eyes, they grew more afraid. One nun glanced at the other's Rosary beads - "Show him your cross" - she exclaimed With that she rolled down the window and shouted - "Get off the Fu**ing Car"

Rating: 6/10