Pentagon Officer

A junior officer at the Pentagon was a hard worker, and he had a very nice well-furnished office. However, he began behaving strangely. First he shoved his desk out into the space also occupied by his secretary's desk. Then a few days later, as he was leaving for the day, he pushed his desk out into one of the many long corridors. He worked there for a few days, and then he shoved his desk into the men's room and set up work there.
All of this had not escaped the notice of his fellow workers. It seemed more and more strange to them, so strange that they did not dare ask the officer himself what he was doing. Instead, they went to the division psychiatrist and asked him to ask the officer.
So the psychiatrist walked into the men's room, sat on the edge of the officer's desk and asked, "Why have you kept moving your desk? Especially, why into the men's room?"
"Well," said the officer, "I figure that this is the only place in the Pentagon where they know what they're doing."

Rating: 6/10