Mathematical Thesis

Here are a few relatively unexplored areas of mathematics which you may want to use as the subject of your dissertation or thesis:

1.) To impose a new integer between 5 and 6 (which would of course be called 'fix'). We'll have to go through all of algebra, trig., calculus, and other areas of mathematics to make them consistent (you could say we will be putting in the fix).

2.) You know how they say that you can't compare apples and oranges? Well now you can now (sort of). I've done extensive investigating in this area and here's what I've come up with:

Apples = K(O)* (1/8)Int[tan(O^2) + xsqrt(O) + 1) + (1/4)exp(J)]

Where J is the juice-ocity factor and O is the dependant variable Oranges. Now I'm fairly certain everything in the equation is right but I don't know what K(O) is -- this is the function of O we still have to work out.

3.) The ancient Pythagoreans left one big puzzle unsolved. They like any learned people since the earliest days of Western civilization sought to quantify human experience and knowledge in precise mathematical terms. Here's what they were able to put in numbers: Justice=4, Marriage=7. I have also discovered that Women=Sqrt(2) (completely irrational), The meaning of life=42, and Pure Evil=17. Still unknown are the numbers for Sex, Anger, Polygamy,Dignity, Pain, Ice Cream, Bastards, Farts, and just about everything else.

Rating: 2/10