I Sinned

In the summer of 1998 a man in Amsterdam went to his priest and confessed, "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. During the second World War, I hid a wealthy Jewish refugee in my attic to save him from the Nazis."
The priest, a bit perplexed, replied, "Well, son, that was quite a courageous and generous thing to do. Why do you think it was a sin? God will bless you for your kindness."
"But, father, I made him agree to pay me 20 Gulden for every week he stayed."
"I admit that isn't something to be proud of, but you did it for a good cause." Replied the father.
"Oh, thank you, Father; that eases my mind. I have one more question..."
"What is that, my son?"
"Do I have to tell him the war is over?"

Rating: 7/10